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Ksenia Sukhinova, Miss World 2008, played a prominent role in Eurovision in Moscow
Ksenia Sukhinova, Miss World 2008, played a prominent role in Eurovision in Moscow
Photo: Channel One Russia

Miss World 'becomes' Eurovision nations

"We would like  our guests coming to the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow to be met not only by greeting posters," Konstantin Ernst, the General Director of Channel One Russia said. “We’d like them to see the image of their country personified by a beautiful Russian girl. Life itself  has given us a unique chance. The title of the Miss World 2008 was awarded to a Russian girl, Ksenia Sukhinova, which means that she is officially recognized as the most beautiful girl on the Earth. Due to the efforts of the stylists and makeup artists the girl looks like the native beauties of various European countries." 

On the posters she becomes either a blonde or a brunette beauty, either of dark or fair-complexion. "No Eurovision Song Contest has seen anything like that,” Ernst added. You can see a part of the results in the gallery below but more is expected soon!

'I can't recognize myself!'

Ksenia Sukhinova comments her participation in the project: “The work with Channel One Russia and the Eurovision creative team was impressive and interesting. The four days of intense shooting passed in a flash. In the Eurovision promo  campaign  I represent  absolutely different images of participating countries. I do like the outcome of our work, though I can not recognize myself in some pictures.”

She is a student of the Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, she has a high degree in biathlon and rhythmic gymnastics. At present Ksenia takes active part in international charitable projects. Miss World 2008 has raised $14.000.000 for constructing 100.000 new houses for the people who live below the poverty line. 

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