Miro to represent Bulgaria

This year the Bulgarian broadcaster BNT decided to use internal selection for finding their representative for Europe's favourite TV-show. For this, they asked 51 specialists to give their opinion.

Today, BNT announced that ten of those specialists recommended Miro who was consequently chosen then.

Now they will commission and produce five songs for him and in a live TV-show the audience will choose the winning song via SMS and televoting.

Who is Miro?

Miro (Miroslav Kostadinov) is a well-known singer in Bulgaria, having received several awards in the country. He became famous in the KariZma duo where he performed with Galya (Galina Kurdova). They've had many hits in the country the past years.

Starting from 2007-2008, both of the members of KariZma have concentrated on their solo careers, topped by Miro releasing his first solo album Omirotvoren last year.

In 2009, Krassimir Avramov took the job for Bulgaria with his song Illusion but, unfortunately, failed to qualify for the Final.

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