Miro flying to Eurovision on angelic wings

Tonight, the time came to decide the song for Bulgaria. Bulgarian  television has already selected the artist to represent the country in  Oslo. The Bulgarian colours will be defended by Miro (Miroslav  Kostadinov), being chosen already on the 18th of October 2009.

The winning song, representing Bulgaria in Oslo, is Angel Si Ti. The song is written by Miroslav Kostadinov, that is Miro himself. It was the only song in tonight's show that was written by the artist. It was elected by the viewers, using televoting.

The Bulgarian final was a competition between five songs, specifically produced for the national  final. The songs were chosen to represent different musical genres. They were performed by Miro.

The final scoreboard:

1. Angel Si Ti. Composer: Miroslav Kostadinov. Televote: 48.05%.
2. Twist and Tango.  Composer: Thomas Törnholm. Televote: 27.42%.
3. Eagle. Composer: Yasen Kozev & Krum Georgiev. Televote: 12.47%.
4. Ostani. Composer: Nayden  Andreev. Televote: 8.53%.
5. Moyat  Pogled V Teb. Composer: D2. Televote: 3.53%.

Three of the songs were performed in Bulgarian and two in English. Now, it remains to be seen if the lyrics of Angel Si Ti will be translated to English for the performance in the Eurovision Song Contest. In Oslo, Miro will compete for Bulgaria in the second  Semi-Final, held on the 27th of May.

Watch the show one more time! You can see the final from Bulgaria over and over again in ESCTV ...

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