'Milanomania' starts invading Europe

Milan describes his song  Ovo Je Balkan or These Are The Balkans as an "energetic, love song, talking about a man who wants his girl to kiss him better, stronger, more passionate... It's not literally about the Balkans, but about our passion," he explains.

Besides recording, Milan and his creative team are intensively working on choreography and his stage performance. "It will be very modern, very interesting," Milan says. 

The excitement around him and his entry has already got itself a name - 'Milanomania'. Within the promo tour, he will be visiting in Belgium, Netherlands, FYR Macedonia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France and others giving 'Milanomania' a great chance to grow throughout Europe.

Milan will take the stage in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on the 25th of May in the capital of Norway, Oslo. 

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