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Miki wins Spain's ticket to Tel Aviv with 'La Venda'

21 January 2019 at 00:39 CET
Miki wins the Operación Triunfo Eurovision 2019 gala RTVE
Spain is the first 'Big Five' country to pick its representative for Eurovision 2019; Miki just won their special Eurovision Gala of Operación Triunfo with 34% of the votes and will perform the song 'La Venda' at the Grand Final on the 18th of May in Israel.

The Spanish TV viewers just decided who their representative for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv will be during their national selection Operación Triunfo. The competition became the number one worldwide trend on Twitter during the show on Sunday night with the hasthag #OT18GalaEurovision.

About Miki

Miki Nuñez, 23, is a singer/songwriter from Terrassa (Barcelona). He has taken guitar and piano lessons as well as studied a Degree in Administration and Management. Prior to entering the reality talent show OT, Miki was a singer in the covers band Dalton Bang with whom he has toured most of his region, Catalonia. He admires Dub Inc, La Raíz, The Cat Empire, Muse and the popular catalan band La Pegatina, whose lead singer Adrià Salas, has written Miki's song for Eurovision, La Venda (The blindfold).

The competition

Ten songs competed to become the Spanish entry for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. The full list of songs is listed below, ranked by the percentage of votes that they received (highest to lowest):

  • 34% - Miki - La Venda (The blindfold). Written by Adriá Salas (from the band La Pegatina).
  • 22% - María - Muérdeme (Bite me). Written by Juan Luis Suárez, David Feito, Victoria Riba, Nuria Azzouzi & Rosa Martínez.
  • 14% - Miki y Natalia - Nadie Se Salva (Nobody is safe). Written by María Peláez, Nil Moliner & Javi Garabatto.
  • 7% - Noelia - Hoy Vuelvo A Reir Otra Vez (Today I'm laughing again). Written by Jacobo Calderón & Álex Ubago.
  • 6% - Natalia - La Clave (The key). Written by Merche, Ander Pérez, Nuria Azzouzi & Rosa Martínez.
  • 6% - Marilia - Todo Bien (Everything's OK). Written by Sananda, Chris Wahle, Andreas Öhrn & Juan Carlos Fuguet López.
  • 5% Famous - No puedo más (I can't take it anymore). Written by Leroy Sánchez, Louis Biancaniello & Nolan Sipe.
  • 3% - Julia - Qué quieres que haga (What do you want me to do?). Written by David Santisteban & India Martínez
  • 2% - Sabela - Hoy Soñaré (I'll dream today). Written by Jesús Cañadilla & Alejandro de Pinedo. 
  • 1% - Carlos Right - Se Te Nota (It shows). compuesta por Juan Pablo Isaza & Juan Pablo Villamil (from the band Morat)

A night full of 'Fuego'

The 'Eurovision Gala' also featured the guest performance of Eleni Foureira, who took Cyprus to a second place in Lisbon last year. Eleni has had a very successful year in Spain, and not only set the stage on fire with her Eurovision platinum certified Fuego, but also performed her latest single, Tómame.

The jury, that only had an advising role, was made up of OT weekly juror Manuel Martos, Spain's 2012 Eurovision Song Contest participant Pastora Soler, one of Spain's Eurovision commentators Tony Aguilar and Doron Medalie, composer of Toy, Netta's winning song in Lisbon last year, which was performed in the show by all the contestants.

Are you happy with Miki becoming the Spanish Eurovision 2019 participant? Let us know in the comments!