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Norway picks artist who TIX all the boxes!

20 February 2021 at 22:31 CET
TIX performed 'Fallen Angel' at MGP 2021 NRK / Julia Marie Naglestad
TIX stormed to victory at Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) with the song Fallen Angel.

Melodi Grand Prix 2021 delivered on its promise to be the biggest yet! With 5 semi-finals, a bumper 'last chance' evening, and a grand finale featuring a dozen amazing songs, it truly was the ultimate celebration of Norwegian music.

After 5 weeks of shows, TIX has been crowned champion and will perform in the first Eurovision Song Contest semi-final, to be held on 18 May 2021 (the day after Constitution Day, the national day of Norway).

An artist that TIX all the boxes

Andreas Haukeland, better known as TIX, hails from Bærum (just outside of Oslo) and is one of Norway's most popular artists.

TIX chose to perform the English version of his track Ut Av Mørket (Fallen Angel) at the Melodi Grand Prix final, a bold move that paid off as he’ll now take to the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam this May.

The musician, producer and songwriter performs as his persona TIX, a nickname he chose so he could take ownership of his experience of growing up with Tourette's syndrome (a condition which can lead to different types of involuntary tics).

In 2015, the singer-songwriter had his first major breakthrough with the Sjeiken which became a party anthem for that year’s ‘russ’ (Norwegian high school graduates). The hitmaker then went on to create a name for himself co-writing Ava Max’s Sweet But Psycho, which became the most played song of 2018.

A string of Spotify chart toppers followed, with Karantene ('Quarantine') becoming an enormous hit in May 2020.

TIX performed 'Fallen Angel' at MGP 2021 NRK / Julia Marie Naglestad

The Final

The final was broadcast live from Oslo and was opened by last years winner Ulrikke. The 12 participating acts were introduced by presenters Kåre Magnus Bergh, Ronny Brede Aase and Silje Nordnes.

These were the finalists:

  • Atle Pettersen - World On Fire
  • Raylee - Hero
  • Stavangerkameratene - Who I Am
  • KIIM - My Lonely Voice
  • Blåsemafian feat. Hazel - Let Loose
  • Emmy - Witch Woods
  • TIX - Fallen Angel
  • Kaja Rode - Feel Again
  • Rein Alexander - Eyes Wide Open
  • IMERIKA - I Can't Escape
  • KEiiNO - Monument
  • Jorn - Faith Bloody Faith

The Gold Final

After all songs were performed the 12 artists were narrowed down to 4: Blåsemafian feat. Hazel, Jorn, TIX and KEiiNO qualified for the next round. Voting then re-opened allowing viewers to chose a favourite once again. The 2 acts with the most votes qualified for the Gold Final.

KEiiNO versus TIX

The gold finalists performed their songs once again after which a final vote decided the winner. Like last year, a representative from each region of Norway announced the votes from their area.

Ultimately, TIX received 380,033 points (to KEiiNO's tally of 281,043) and won his first Melodi Grand Prix.

TIX won the final of Melodi Grand Prix in Norway NRK / Julia Marie Naglestad

Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest

Norway has been around at the Eurovision Song Contest since the early 1960s. The country has finished last more than any other, failing to receive a single point 4 times.

Norway has won the Contest 3 times: first in 1985 with Bobbysocks and their song La Det Swinge; in 1995 with Nocturne's Secret Garden; and in 2009 it was Alexander Rybak who took the trophy home with his song Fairytale.