Melody takes Spanish victory home

After a MySpace selection where a total of 50 artists qualified, 30 were chosen for the televised TV-shows, ten competing in each of the semi-finals. Tonight they took the stage (bold ones qualified):

  1. Melody and Los Vivancos - Amante de la luna - 24 points (jury: 12 points; viewers: 12 points)
  2. La La Love You - Dame Un Beso - 20 points (jury: 10 points; viewers: 10 points)
  3. Noelia Cano - Cruza Los Dedos - 11 points (jury: 7 points; viewers: 4 points)
  4. Gran Baobab - Despedida De Soltero - 10 points (jury: 2 points; viewers: 8 points)
  5. La Red de San Luis - Madre Tierra - 10 points (jury: 8 points; viewers: 2 points)
  6. Yulia Valentayn - Uh La La - 9 points (jury: 6 points; viewers: 3 points)
  7. Carlos Ferrer EAI - El Patito - 9 points (jury: 4 points; viewers: 5 points)
  8. Normativa Vigente - Alejandría New Generation - 9 points (jury: 3 points; viewers: 6 points)
  9. Vicente Casal - Tú Me Complementas - 8 points (jury: 1 point; viewers: 7 points)
  10. Atalis - Retrato Frontal - 6 points (jury: 5 points; viewers: 1 point)

Melody had to perform actually again because her microphone did not work during the first performance, so the host rushed on the stage and in the end she was given another try.  

After the mixed jury and viewers vote, the three hopefuls were given a chance to get on stage again, on 7th of March when the Spanish final will be held. All the members of the jury voted separately and later the televotes were added to those scores, revealing the final result. The clear favorite was this time Melody and Los Vivancos, followed by La La Love You and Noelia Cano.

The jury was also chosen the same way as the participants, the winners being Isaac Urrea Jose Garcia Hernandez, Miguel Angel Mur, Pedro Martínez and Victor Escudero in the end. The winner of this selection was Victor Escudero.

Next two Saturdays twenty more semi-finalists will fight for their place in the final. 

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