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Melodifestivalen final line-up complete in Sweden

For the past four weeks Sweden has been hosting the semi-finals of their hugely popular Melodifestivalen, their national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. In each of those semi-finals two acts proceeded to the final and two to the second chance round, or in Swedish Andra Chansen.

This second chance round has just taken place in Lidköping with the following line-up:

  1. Ammotrack - Raise Your Hands (Jari Kujansuu, Thomas Johansson, Calle Kindbom, Mikael de Bruin)
  2. Linus Svenning - Bröder (Fredrik Kempe)
  3. JEM - Love Trigger (Thomas G:son, Peter Boström, Julimar "J-Son" Santos)
  4. State of Drama - All We Are (Göran Werner, Sanken Sandqvist, Emil Gullhamn, Sebastian Hallifax)
  5. Ellinore Holmer - En Himmelsk Sång (Ellinore Holmer, Vanna Rosenberg, Åsa Schmalenbach, Josefina Sanner, Henrik Wikström, Amir Aly)
  6. Martin Stenmarck - När Änglarna Går Hem (Andreas Öhrn, Alexander Bard, Martin Stenmarck, Peter Boström)
  7. Helena Paparizou - Survivor (Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström, Karl-Ola Kjellholm, Sharon Vaughn)
  8. Outtrigger - Echo (Joy Deb, Linnéa Deb, Anton Malmberg Hård Af Segerstad, Outtrigger)

There was a first round of "televoting" to eliminate three of the candidates. The least voted ones were: Ammotrack (8th), JEM (6th) and Ellinore Holmer (7th).

The duels

Then the audience was treated to a medley performed by the current Eurovision Song Contest winner, Emmelie de Forest, of her winning song Only Teardrops featuring another Eurovision Song Contest winner, Åsa Jinder from Secret Garden, and the theme of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest Rainmaker.

After this there was a second round of "televoting" to eliminate one more contestant, which turned out to be last year's finalists State of Drama (5th), leaving four acts which had to duel in the following way: the 4th ranked against the 1st ranked and the 3rd versus the 2nd (the rankings were not made public):

Duel number 1 (winner in bold):

  • Outtrigger - Echo
  • Helena Paparizou  Survivor

Duel number 2 (winner in bold):

  • Linus Svenning - Bröder
  • Martin Stenmarck - När Änglarna Går Hem

The final

The winners of the duels will join the acts that went straight to the Swedish final the 8th of March in Stockholm, which now looks like this:

  • YOHIO - To The End
  • Ellen Benediktson - Songbird
  • Sanna Nielsen - Undo
  • Panetoz - Efter Solsken
  • Oscar Zia - Yes We Can
  • Ace Wilder - Busy Doin' Nothing
  • Anton Ewald - Natural
  • Alcazar - Blame It On The Disco
  • Helena Paparizou  Survivor
  • Linus Svenning - Bröder