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Meet them: the hosts of Junior 2010!

06 September 2010 at 12:30 CEST

The lucky ones picked are Denis Kourian, who knows everything about the Eurovision Song Contests and Leila Ismailova, a future journalist.

"For me and Leila, the task has been made more complicated. We’ll spend all the show on our own stage where we will move to the rhythm of contestants during all 14 songs. And there are two things which make dancing difficult for me: my left leg and my right leg. So, I take dancing lessons to be more flexible than a bear in the Minsk Zoo," Denis says.

Denis is one of the most known Belarusian TV-reporters. He is the author of tens of documentary films which he shot in different corners of the world, a well-known showman, an editor-in-chief and presenter of TV program Business Life on the First Channel. 

But the Eurovision Song Contest is his favorite subject. For 5 years, Denis has been the  Belarusian commentator for the programme as well as the Junior Eurovision Song Contests. Now, he should find a substitute for himself as he’ll be on the stage together with the charming Leila during the show. For 6 months, she studied in Greece, but left everything for the sake of participation in this project.

"My mum told me about the casting of the hosts for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and convinced me to try. I sent my application in at the last moment and the instant I learned that I was in the top 20, I booked a flight ticket. I said goodbye to the country where the world's most tasty coffee is made, and left for my native Minsk", says Leila.

When she found out that the partner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is UNICEF, she wanted even more to become a part of this great event.

"The best thing that could happen to me now is the victory in casting of hosts. My dreams came true, and I got this work!", said Leila.

See a gallery and videos of our hosts below!

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This year organisers decided that hosts will have their own stage in Minsk Arena. But the main thing is that they will support participants, sing and dance together with them during the show. So, Denis and Leila have little time left to invent and learn dance moves for all 14 stars of the contest!