Meet the Portuguese diva Simone De Oliveira

An impressive list of artists performed on Saturday the 8th of September at the 2012 Eurovision Live Concert in Portugal. This concert took place for the fourth year in a row at the José Afonso Auditorium in Setubal and it featured performances not only by Eurovision Song Contest artists but also Portuguese artists that tried to represent their country in the European competition.

One of these artists that managed to win the Festival Da Canção twice and represent Portugal in 1965 and 1969 is Simone de Oliveira (74) who gave an emotive performance of her Eurovision Song Contest entries. Not only a singer but a popular actress in Portugal, Simone started her career at the end of the 1950s.

In 1965 she represented Portugal at the Eurovision Song Contest in Naples where she got the first ever point for her country, a point that came from Monaco, and placed Sol De Inverno 13th out of 18 candidates. She came back in 1969 when the contest moved to Madrid and sang Desfolhada Portuguesa to a 15th place but had a huge success at home with it.

This legendary artist is still performing to date, as you can check out in our following video: 

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