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Meet the French hopefuls

28 November 2013 at 02:48 CET

The three competing songs will be premiered on Sunday the 26th of January at 17h, on Natasha St -Pier's Les chansons d'abord. The weekly show will be devoted to the Eurovision Song Contest that evening.

The songs will be voted on by the viewers and a jury of professionals which both account for 50% of the result. From the 26th of January to the 23rd of February 2014, recap programs of the songs will be broadcast daily on France 3 and on

The winning title will be revealed by Natasha St -Pier on Sunday the 2nd of March. She will also be the Eurovision commentator along with Cyril Feraud.

The three contestants


New emergent artists of the French pop, Dean, Killian and Quentin a refreshing three-boy band have nothing to envy their English and American counterparts, but the mainstream success which will soon be there. In ancient Persian Destan refers to a legend, an epic poem.


Author, composer and singer, Joanna has been immersed since childhood in black American music and French chanson developing over the years a taste for eclectic music from variety to rock without forgetting jazz. After her first single L'ecole de duplicatas was released in 2009, the musical Joe Dassin allowed her to perform on the biggest national and international stages for two years.


This is a trio of creative effervescence with electro, rock, rap, funk and chanson influences and consists of Lorent Idir and François Djemel, the twins after which the group is named; the third member being Patrick Biyik. With their spring-mounted melodies, their taste for mash-ups and striking conjugations, their use of gimmick and vibrant lyrics dealing with reality, Twin Twin looks like a great cure for the gloomy atmosphere. Their motto? Vive la vie ... Oh yeah!

The selection comitee

The 14 members of the listening and selection comitee were:

Music industry professionals: Laurent Bentata (CEO of Stage Entertainment France), Bruno Berberes (Casting and artistic director), Laura Cès (singer and actress), Mary De Vivo (director of Reservoir), Michelin Valerie (manageuse), Franck Saurat (Entertainment TV Producer).

France 3's partner for Eurovision: Dominique Bourron (Music Delegate France Bleu). A representative of the Eurovision fans: Farouk Vallette (Member of OGAE). A viewer Morgane Buret, which won the contest organized by

And representing France Télévisions: Thierry Langlois (Channel and programs Director of France 3), Yann Chapellon (CEO of France Televisions Distribution), Marie-Claire Mezerette (Entertainment Director of France 3 ), Frédéric Valencak (Assistant to the Entertainment Director and Head of the French delegation) and Olivier Daube (France Ô).