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Meet the core team for 2016

26 October 2015 at 15:30 CET
Back row: Tobias Åberg, Sven Stojanovic, Johan Bernhagen and Martin Österdahl. Front row: Sofi Franzén, Josefhine Görander, Christer Björkman and Lotta Loosme Martina Holmberg (SVT)
The Executive Producers Martin Österdahl and Johan Bernhagen have put together a core team that has both the experience of the 2013 Eurovision in Malmö and who can view the event with brand new eyes.

The Core Team of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest is composed of:

  • Martin Österdahl - Executive Producer (Former positions include program director at SVT, Eurovision 2013). Ultimate responsible and executive contact within SVT and the EBU as well as the project's main spokesperson.
  • Johan Bernhagen - Executive Producer (Previously Eurovision 2013, The Royal Wedding 2010). Leads the project daily activities.
  • Tobias Åberg - Head of Production (Previously Eurovision 2013). Responsible for the technical structure and implementation of the contest.
  • Christer Björkman - Contest Producer (Previously Eurovision 2013). Responsible for the competing entries look and feel, the starting order and Head of Delegation services at the arena.
  • Sven Stojanovic - Show Producer (On leave from the role of Creative Director at Meter TV, Eurovision Song Contest Director in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2008). Responsible for the television event and all the contents of the three transmissions except the entries.
  • Lotta Loosme - Head of Communications (On leave from the role of marketing manager at SVT). Responsible for branding, press and marketing.
  • Sofi Franzén - Head of Events, City and Partners (On leave from position as CEO at event agency Eventyr). Responsible for the events along the Eurovision Song Contest as well as issues related to sponsorship and tickets.
  • Josephine Görander - Executive Assistant and Office Manager (On leave from her role as head assistant at SVT). Office Manager for ESC and backs up the Core team in the management of the project.

"I am pleased and proud to present seven super pros who will lead the world's biggest TV event. Together with the City of Stockholm we will do everything we can to raise the bar yet another notch", says Martin Österdahl, Executive Producer.

The Reference Group

The Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group is the executive Expert Committee for all Members, its purpose being to control and guide the Eurovision Song Contest. The Reference Group was established by the European Broadcasting Union's Television Committee in 1998 and its main tasks are approving the development and future format of the Eurovision Song Contest, securing the financing, modernising the brand and raising awareness and overseeing the yearly preparation by the Host Broadcaster.

The Reference Group meets four to five times each year on behalf of all Participating Broadcasters, and is required to take decisions in the general interest of the Eurovision Song Contest. The Reference Group is composed of a Chairman, three elected members of the Entertainment Experts Group of the EBU, two Executive Producers from previous host countries, as well as the Executive Producer of the current Host Broadcaster and the EBU Eurovision Song Contest Executive Supervisor. The current line-up (in the picture above next to SVT's Christer Björkman) consists of:

  • Dr. Frank-Dieter Freiling (Chairman)
  • Jon Ola Sand (EBU representative)
  • Pernille Gaardbo (2014)
  • Edgar Böhm (2015)
  • Martin Österdahl (2016 and 2013)
  • Aleksander Radic (elected member from Slovenia's broadcaster RTVSLO)
  • Emilie Sickinghe (elected member from the Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS)
  • Nicola Caligiore (elected member from the Italian broadcaster RAI)