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San Marino loves to rock: Meet MEGARA

27 March 2024 at 18:46 CET
MEGARA will represent San Marino at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Javier Bragado
Get your air drums at the ready, because MEGARA are representing San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. They’re heading to Malmö with the song ‘11:11.’

Meet Kenzy, Rober, Vitti, Kat, Aria, and Emma. Since they put their heads together in 2015, they’ve been known as MEGARA, the band that’s all about inclusion and forgetting labels. They’ve had Eurovision on their minds for a little while.

MEGARA will represent San Marino at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Javier Bragado

Their bid for the 2024 Contest isn’t the first time they’ve made a Eurovision move. In 2023 they competed in Spain’s national selection Benidorm Fest, coming in 4th place and losing out to Blanca Paloma. For 2024, they headed to Una Voce Per San Marino, the competition where San Marino decides who to send to Eurovision. After a jury decision, MEGARA took the win with their song 11:11, which they’re singing in Spanish. They say the win is their most memorable moment as musicians. Let’s see if they can top the experience in Sweden.

MEGARA’s song for Eurovision 2024 comes from the same minds that wrote their Benidorm Fest song, Arcadia, and some of the writers are in the band. Dressed in their iconic pink and black style, they’ve rocked in festivals with the likes of Slipknot and Papa Roach.

The Eurovision stage might be an unbeatable gig, but MEGARA have had some other memorable performances. Once, they performed at the Warner park in Madrid, as part of a zombie survival event. If there are photos, we want to see them. They also tell us that zombies who can speak 2 languages are called “zombilinguals…”

MEGARA have a dream of recording a collaboration with Lady Gaga inside a haunted house at the funfair, and then afterwards playing Street Fighter whilst eating Emmental. We think their dream might have been inspired by us asking about their favourite video game and type of cheese.

They also tell us that if they could have dinner with 3 people from any time in history, they’d invite Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga. And that gives a hint at their sound, which has shades of rock, pop, metal, and electronic, but is always creative.

MEGARA’s party playlist is eclectic. One minute they’ll be playing Spice Up Your Life by Spice Girls or Star Girl by McFly and the next they’ll be blasting out Bark At The Moon by Ozzy Osbourne or White Dress by Halestorm. If there’s one song that will always get them up on the dance floor, it’s Dancing Queen from Swedish Eurovision legends ABBA. And where better to have an ABBA dance party than Malmö?

MEGARA will represent San Marino at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Javier Bragado

San Marino’s 2024 entry are excited to get to Malmö, and are particularly looking forward to Swedish cinnamon rolls, or kanelbullar. They say: “We are really happy, we are representing rock, and we will do our best to represent San Marino.”

Look out for MEGARA on upcoming episodes of the Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast.

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