Maya Sar to sing "Korake ti znam" in Baku

Last year Dino Merlin achieved a very impressive sixth place in Düsseldorf with Love In Rewind. This year, broadcaster BHRT has gone for a very different singer, Maya Sar.

It has now been announced by BHRT that Maya's song will be called Korake ti znam, written by Maya herself. The arrangement for the song will be done by Maya's husband, Mahir Sarihodzic and Italian maestro Adriano Pennino who is famous for being a producer of San Remo in Italy.

Next week in Rome at Pennino's studio, the strings part of Korake ti znam will be recorded and then the final mix will be put together.

There has been no information on the presentation of Bosnia & Herzegovina's song yet but we will get back to you as soon as we know more.

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