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Maya Sar's minimalistic performance

16 May 2012 at 18:21 CEST had the opportunity to have a chat with Maya Sar before her first rehearsal. “We didn’t manage to see Baku as we arrived only today because our flight in Turkey was cancelled. But we are fine now and happy to be here." Maya watched the last rehearsals from her dressing room: "All entries look so beautiful. I am very excited to enter this stage", she told us about her feelings.

Maya has already participated in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest as the back vocalist. "It’s different to be a lead singer from being a back vocalist. I am a song writer and a performer of Korake Ti Znam this year, and I am the only one leading vocalist on stage and everyone will watch me as I am the only one who will sing on the scene."

Maya Sar described her stage act as a simplified and a minimalistic story of her song. "Everything will be in one circle and it fits together."

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With her performance, Maya Sar managed to truly amaze everyone in the Baku Crystal Arena. She sang her beautiful ballade Korake Ti Znam playing the grand piano. The artist performed very well vocally and got a big applause from the press and her fans.

On the LEDs in the background, the medieval archways were shown. During the performance, the spotlights changed their colour from soft white, purple, red to blue that gave the whole act a very romantic effect. After the second run of the rehearsal Maya’s dress for the Second Semi-Final was shown: It’s an elegant long black dress.

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In the press conference, Maya Sar commented on Dino Merlin’s role in her career: "I met Dino in 2004 when I started to work as a back vocalist for his album. Dino is from Bosnia & Herzegovina originally. He is also very popular in the other countries of the former Yugoslavia."

On the importance of the humanitarian work, the artist commented "I think it’s a duty of every human being to help where it’s needed. My humanitarian project Moj je život moja pjesma (My Life Is My Song) exists one year and has a very good reaction in public. I also wrote a song for this campaign."

Maya Sar told about her song Korake Ti Znam: "It’s a story of two people who are in love and who have to decide which way to go: to separate or to stay to together."

The artist commented on her new sole album that is going to be released after the Eurovision Song Contest.

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