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Max Jason Mai rocks the stage for Slovakia

20 May 2012 at 11:51 CEST

"I'm so tired, it's hard to have a rehearsal in the morning", Max Jason Mai jokingly told when he was preparing himself backstage for his second rehearsal today. "I'm not nervous at all, I never am when I go on stage", he described his feelings.

As he had presented special hard rock versions of several 2012 Eurovision Song Contest entries on his official party (see video below), we asked him if he could do it the other way round for us and perform a ballad version of his hard-rock song Don't Close Your Eyes - which he spontaneously did, just grabbing his acoustic guitar and singing along!

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"Tonight there will be a very important event - the final of the World Ice Hockey Championships, and it's between Slovakia and Russia - I'm very excited about that already", he said before going on to the microphone checks.

On stage, Max Jason Mai started his performance on a dark stage, with just a spotlight on him. Then flashing white lights appear to show the whole rock band supporting him.

The Slovak stage performance was bursting with energy, as Max Jason Mai was moving fast all over the stage, running onto both catwalks, on the left and the right side of the stage. The camerawork during those parts was very dynamic, using tracking shots and wide angles, so that the motion came across very well on the screens.

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All band members appeared in black leather outfits today, and they did rock the stage with their powerful and refreshing performance!

Jana Majorova, the Head of the Slovak Delegation, started the press conference by introducing the team, and by showing a little puppet called Maxi, resembling Max Jason Mai, which was made for charity, in support of deaf people.

A journalist asked Max Jason Mai if he had ever considered recording a Slovak language version of his Eurovision entry. "Probably it would sound a little weird", he said. He then translated the lyrics of Don't Close Your Eyes, and then said: "You see, it doesn't really rhyme, and it sounds different."

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On his second rehearsal, the Slovak singer commented: "It was so so so much better than the first rehearsal! We felt really at home there. Probably there is just one thing I'd like to change, and that's my hair - I tried to make a miracle happen this morning, but the miracle went wrong", we jokingly added.

"We don't like playbacks or even half playbacks, we are real musicians. That's also why we haven't made promo performances all over Europe before the Eurovision Song Contest, as everywhere they wanted us to do full playback, and that's just very difficult for metalcore music. We want to play live", Max Jason Mai explained.

About his fellow contestants, he said: "I have to say I just love Euro-Neuro, that's my favourite song!"