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MARUV will not represent Ukraine in Tel Aviv

25 February 2019 at 19:54 CET
MARUV, Vidbir 2019 finalist UA:PBC
Ukraine's public broadcaster UA:PBC and Vidbir winner MARUV have not reached an agreement on her participation in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

MARUV (Anna Korsun) won the Ukrainian national selection with the highest number of points from the viewing audience last Saturday night for her performance of Siren Song.

However, UA:PBC stated that her win did not automatically guarantee her becoming the Ukrainian representative for 2019: "UA:PBC provides MARUV as the winner of the national selection with an agreement for consideration, specifying the terms of participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. The official announcement of the representative of Ukraine at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will take place after signing the participation agreement.”

According to broadcaster UA:PBC: "[...] the performer representing Ukraine at the international stage, upon signing an agreement with UA:PBC, also has commitments of becoming a cultural ambassador of Ukraine and delivering not only their music but also expressing the opinion of the Ukrainian society in the world. After the negotiations, UA:PBC and the singer MARUV have not found common ground in the mission of the representative of Ukraine at the international song contest."

UA:PBC continues: "In addition, according to the Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest (p.2.6), the Participating Broadcaster must ensure the non-political character of the contest. The situation around the national selection this year has signs of politicization. The social resonance, attempts of pressure by political forces, intervention of cultural figures and informational structures of the aggressor state with this discussion have actually caused politicization of the results of the national selection."

They conclude: "The Public Service Broadcaster sees danger of escalation of the split of the Ukrainian society in this situation, which contradicts the objectives of the Public Service Broadcaster (according to the Law of Ukraine on Public Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine, facilitating the consolidation of the Ukrainian society is one of the main objectives of UA:PBC)."

The EBU has stated; “Each participating broadcaster is responsible for the selection of their participant for the Eurovision Song Contest in accordance to the rules set out by the European Broadcasting Union. The broadcaster is currently in talks to announce the representative for this year’s contest and once they are confirmed, will be announced on the official Eurovision channels.”

Update 26 Feb - UA:PBC has not been able to come to an agreement with Freedom Jazz, who placed number 2 with 10 points.

Update 27 Feb - UA:PBC has also not been able to come to an agreement with KAZKA, who placed number 3 with 8 points.

UA:PBC has yet to announce which artist will represent Ukraine at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.