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Czech Republics first rehearsal
Czech Republics first rehearsal
Photo: Thomas Hanses

Martina from Czech Republic: "Everything here is bigger"

Backstage, Martina Bárta didn't appear nervous to perform her song My Turn — although she admits to be just that: "Everything here is bigger than I have done in the past, the rehearsals in Prague were also a lot smaller." She wants to feel comfortable on stage and luckily she brought a great team who will help and support her. asked Martina what the public can expect from Martina’s performance: "I want to give a very honest and truthful performance." 

"That's my biggest wish"

Martina hopes viewers will understand the message she is trying to send with her song: "That is my biggest wish."

After her first rehearsal, Czech Republic’s singer expressed her appreciation for all the help from the team. "It was very interesting to be on stage because everything here is so big. But there will be enough time to think about that and to improve for the next rehearsal."


In the participant profile of Czech Republican’s representative you can read about natural stones and the power she believes they have. Martina brings them everywhere, also to Kyiv for the Eurovision Song Contest. She brought three bracelets: "One from my music teacher from Berlin, one I bought in Tel Aviv and one I got from my mom." 

Because Martina's costume isn’t designed to bring them on stage, she might have to put them in her shoe or in her bra. If that is not possible, she will wear the earrings she was given by her sisters during the live performance.


Martina is very excited to take part in the contest and hopes to meet all the artists. Backstage she told that to her, Eurovision feels like a big music festival. Apart from the obligations that come with taking part in the contest, she hopes to have enough time to see the city. If she has, she won't have to do that by herself; she was invited by the Ukrainian ambassador's daughter to explore what Kyiv has to offer.

Martina will take the stage again for her second rehearsal on Thursday, 4th of May. Czech Republic will then take part in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday, 9th of May.