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Mariya: "Eurovision fans are the best fans in the world!"

09 May 2014 at 23:51 CEST

- How did it feel to be among the qualifiers?

- Awesome! Still can't believe we did it! My team made great impact on my performance and, of course, I want to say thanks to those who supported me and voted for me. Now I need all the straight and energy to the do my best in the Grand Final this Saturday.

- What was the best experience, besides qualifying for the Final, you made in Copenhagen?

- I think the best experience for me is meeting new people, working hand-in-hand with other contestants. I hope that everyone liked my surprise during the party at Euroclub where I've presented my brand new single Dare To Dream. This song was written with all my thoughts about my homeland and all Ukrainian people.

- What new did you learn about the Eurovision Song Contest during these two weeks?

- I always knew that it's going to be tremendous experience for any contestant but now I can see in full why it’s so great. It's overwhelming, it's pure energy and I've learned that Eurovision fans are the best fans in the world. So much support from you guys during rehearsals and performances. Thank you all!

- What is your passion besides music?

- I love to read, to learn foreign languages and to understand new cultures. And I love to travel - it is one of the loves of my life.

- What are your plans after the Eurovision?

I want to make everything – to work on new songs, to go on tour, and, of course to meet with all my family and friends and to spend some time together. What I do not plan now definitely is having rest, as I have energy to conquer new peaks!