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Switzerland: Marius Bear encourages us to show our emotions

01 May 2022 at 18:00 CEST
Switzerland's Marius Bear EBU / Corinne Cumming
Marius Bear has a message in his song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. And to find it, we need look no further than the title - ‘Boys Do Cry’.
Backstage before Marius Bear’s first rehearsal of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest EBU / Andres Putting

With his tune for Turin, the musician from Appenzell in Switzerland wants to remind the more emotionally closed amongst us that there are positives to be found in revealing precisely how you’re thinking.

I don’t regard being able to show your feelings as a weakness, but as a great strength. I’m a really emotional man. And I’m celebrating that. I love to cry when I wanna cry, but I also love to laugh when I wanna laugh.

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Combining characteristics which at first sight might appear to be incompatible, Marius has mastered the emotional art of having self-confidence and strength, along with the vulnerability and the courage to lay bare his weaknesses. And it’s something he’s proud to have cottoned on to before most people do.

I learnt very early on that I don’t need to be ashamed of my feelings. As a man, I’m not afraid to cry and to lay bare my weaknesses to my audience. I don’t want to wear emotional armour, I want to be who I am. And I want to encourage my audience to do the same.

Marius Bear, Switzerland, First Rehearsal, PalaOlimpico EBU / Nathan Reinds

It’s an audience that has only expanded for Marius over these past couple of months, since Boys Do Cry was revealed as the Swiss Eurovision entry for 2022. His artistic path as a whole has been almost as remarkable as his voice. In fact, he only became aware of his talent during his compulsory military service with the Swiss army.

One of my mates was impressed by the timbre of my voice. We jammed together for the first time that very evening. I noticed immediately how liberating it is to be able to express my feelings through singing and music. That was the first step along my new pathway. It was a journey with music. I started quite late – singing when I was 22 years old. I just love it. It’s the best job on earth; being able to tour around and being a live musician.

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He’s now stepping up for duty for the Swiss once more, this time performing for his country at the 66th Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. It’s a task he’s not taking lightly, given the shadows he considers to have been cast by his immediate predecessors. When asked his favourite Swiss Eurovision entries of previous years, he doesn’t hesitate. And he’s also quick to say how pleased he is to be following in their impressive footsteps.

For me, I’m always between Luca Hänni and Gjon’s Tears. It always depends on the mood I’m in. And now I’m just excited to be here finally. We’ve been working on this for two months now. And it’s also exciting to see all of the artists again.

As much as Marius is focusing on the Contest, however, the multi-talented musician has one eye on what might be coming next, and already has some vague plans for when this chapter closes.

I will have a week’s holiday. I will go to the UK and write some songs with some friends of mine. And then hopefully be able to take those songs on the road with me.

To accompany Marius on the road of this part of journey, you can catch him perform for Switzerland during the First Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, on 10 May.

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