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Marija Šerifović is back!

21 June 2013 at 22:17 CEST

A multimedia project called Confession is going to be the unique story about Marija Šerifović, the Serbian pop singer who won Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 in Helsinki. Marija’s creative team is already working on a documentary about her life and the ten years of her career. At the same time, the Eurovision star from Serbia is writing a book, revealing some experiences and thoughts which she hasn’t talked about before. Nevertheless, Marija is also working on some new songs for her new album. All the content should be published in autumn, which is not a coincidence, as her 29th birthday is on the 4th of November.

“I cannot reveal much at this moment. But yes, I am working on the project that includes a new album as well. What I didn’t share till now is that my new songs are going to be in English as well”, Marija informed

Marija's confession

The idea is to introduce Marija Šerifović to her fans in Serbia and across Europe in a different, more personal way and not only as a Eurovision winner. Where, and how, she was growing up, what challenges she was dealing with, and in what way all that happened changed her life and influenced her talent and career.

“It’s time to celebrate ten years of my small career. I see it as small considering what I’m planning and expecting. A day has come when I feel that I should share all those moments, memories and thoughts, which I was writing down all the time, but I never talked about them. I want to share that with you all and the point is finally to understand who Marija really is”, she explained.

Some video material is already taped in five locations in Serbia and a further ten abroad. Many people, including those who know Marija the best took part, as well as some international stars. The whole project is also officially supported by Serbian president. The premiere is planned for November, but beside in cinemas, the film is going to broadcast on TV in eight episodes as well.

Cooperation with Rybak

However, Eurovision fans are certainly looking forward to Marija’s new songs the most. As she doesn’t want to reveal too much, all that we managed to find out is that some European writers and performers are taking part. Among them is the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, Alexander Rybak from Norway. But don’t rush with conclusions as they are not going to sing together.

“Everybody thought that we will sing together. But I actually had a different idea. Alexandar will play violin on one of my new songs. He has one solo”, Marija added.

Even though we wanted to find out more, the Serbian pop star explained that she has shared everything she could at the moment. But Marija Šerifović who gained international success thanks to her winning song Molitva, promised that she will tell us more, when the right time comes.