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Margaret Berger: "I'm going to mentally prepare for Malmö"

12 February 2013 at 12:50 CET

Margaret Berger had just finished performing the reprise of her winning song I Feed You My Love at Melodi Grand Prix 2013, where by a huge margin she took home victory. Journalists and fans swarmed on to the huge stage to get a piece of Norway's new superstar.

"How does it feel?", "How will you prepare for Malmö?", "Has it sunk in yet?" were all questions asked and which she answered professionally and openly.

We had already spoken to Margaret earlier in the day backstage where she told us that although she was flattered that she was one of the favourites, "it may make people vote for someone else". Luckily for Margaret she was proven very wrong and people did indeed vote for her, in their hundreds of thousands!

Below you can see our interview with Norway's newly crowned representative below, made on stage just after her victory:

International acclaim

Here at, Margaret Berger and her song I Feed You My Love have received much attention and positive critique following her victory in Oslo on Saturday.

Misha Brianski from Russia described it as "the perfect song and perfect performance", whilst Ryan Crim from the United Kingdom called it "an amazing choice by Norway".

The reactions even went beyond Europe's borders with Luigi Viola from the United States saying, "I will be in Malmö this year and I am looking forward to shivering when I listen to this song! Norway made one of best choices this year".

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Sang Jupiter from Malaysia described the Norwegian entry as a "great choice! Echoing others, this is by far the best entry in the whole competition so far! Oslo 2014 anyone?"

Margaret Berger will participate for Norway in the second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden on the 16th of May, where we will find out if the above comments translate into a place in the Grand Final on the 18th of May.