Marcin Mroziński - Legenda (Poland 2010)
Marcin Mroziński - Legenda (Poland 2010)

Marcin's symbolism and mystery for Poland

For Poland's Marcin Mroziński, the symbolism used on stage is important. His stage show contains folk costumes and is marked out by the apples that the performers carry. Marcin thinks that these are good – they provide a special gimmick in the performance.

“The apples are symbolising something. It has to be a little mysterious, mystery is a key word for our act. The apples are symbolising Adam and Eve, and the girl is biting the apple. You will see how it develops on stage,” Marcin tells, mysteriously.

Additional power for Eurovision

Marcin and his team has changed his song slightly since the national selections. The new version was published only weeks before the first rehearsal in Oslo.

“We wanted to have live instrument, which is much more powerful. We also use stronger vocals. The previous version was more adapted for radio. For the Eurovision Song Contest version, we wanted to mix a good song with the visuals and our own vision.

Cherishes national flavour

This is the first time that Marcin performs a mixture of folk music and pop music. His main occupation is starring in musicals, but he also has a pop career. Apart from this, he's hosting children's TV shows. The lyrics of the song contains both English and Polish parts.

“I wanted to have a mixture of Polish and English, because the song has both a folk part and a pop part. We perform the folk section in Polish and the pop section in English.”

Do you think that it's important to have a national flavour in the songs of the contest?

“I remember watching the Eurovision Song Contest in the '90's. There were lots of songs with a flavour from the country. I think this is a good thing, because the contest is not only a competition of songs but also promotional for some countries. They can come to the contest and show something particular from their countries.”

A dream come true

The financial crisis has set obstacles in the road for many participating countries. For Marcin, things have been particularly tough. He didn't have money to pay for his promotion, the hotel rooms for his team and all the other expenses that comes with participating in a big international music contest. The solution for him was to borrow money personally. Cost's for his Polish party in Oslo, his promotional CD's and all the other expenses are paid by himself. Now, he hopes that it pays off.

“I've watched the contest since Poland first entered in 1994, and it has been my dream to go here for a long time. I prepared a song for the contest last year as well, but we had some technical problems then. This time, I succeeded,” he says.

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