Marcin Mrozinski: 'I want my show to be very Polish'


Marcin, you had the premiere of your entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest today. Are there any changes in it?

I had to change my premiere and postpone it to another time, because of our President’s plane crash. Finally it is happening today. We did some changes: My dream was to have live instruments and to make this version more energetic, powerful and prepared, especially for the final in Oslo. I hope we did it well and you’ll enjoy it.

In the last official video, the female dancers are wearing the national costumes. Are you planning any national elements in your entry in Oslo?

Well, of course! I want my show to be very Polish. I invited two of my friends, Malgosia and Mirella. They are the soloists of the best Polish National Folk and Dance Company MAZOWSZE. They are wearing traditional costumes, singing in traditional style and they are absolutely amazing. So powerful, energetic, colourful and good singing ladies.

How much time are you spending for the preparation of your entry? Can you share with us how will the choreography on stage in Oslo look like?

To be honest, I got into the national final just two weeks before the 14th of February. The wild card was given to me... I didn’t have time for anything... Two weeks for making a preview video, promotion, preparations, etc. Busy time. I knew I could win, but I wasn’t sure of it. And people chose Legenda. I was completely shocked. Wow! Now we have more time for doing our show as best as possible. We are changing almost everything. But our team stays the same. Choreography will be great! Poland has number 9 in the First Semi-final. Check it out!

The composer of you song for Oslo is Marcin Nierubiec. Could you tell us more about your cooperation with him? Is it the first time you are working with him?

Marcin is a good friend of mine. We started our cooperation one and a half years ago. He is very talented, diligent, open-minded composer. I came to Marcin and I said: “I want you to do a song which is a mixture of traditional folk and pop”. He said: “OK.” We always meet and work for our songs together. I think we are a good team.

Your entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest is called Legenda. What is your own interpretation of the song? What does this song mean for you personally?

Legenda is a song about love, passion, full of emotions. Legenda – traditional story of unfulfilled dramatic love. The most important in this song is language – so simple and true. Everyone can find something which fits to somebody. But music is also very important – dramatic and mysterious. I am so happy that my song has so many different opinions – bad or good. It means that it is touching. And the melody of the refrain is easy to repeat, so you can sing Legenda after the first listening.

What changes in your musical career do you expect after the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest?

I graduated A. Zelwerowicz State Theatre Academy (main Drama School in Poland) and I am working as an actor. Role of Raoul de Chagny in The Phantom of the Opera was my theatre debut. After that role, I got a role of Sean in West-End hit musical Boyband, role of Clopin in Notre Dame l’histoire. I am starring in some popular Polish TV-series.

But also I am a host of “Staraoke” – a TV show for children and youths on Cartoon Network. I am doing lots of dubbings for movies and cartoons. At the moment I’ve just started rehearsals for new super-production in Roma Musical Theatre called Les Miserables. Sir Cameron Mackintosh cast me for two roles, Marius and Enjolras (opening night on September 2010 in Warsaw). How about my musical career after the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest? We’ll see... I’ve already got some invitations to other countries for my own concerts, so I hope it will go well.

You are currently working on your first solo album. Could you tell us more about it?

Yes, I am collecting materials for my first solo album. I think that I will have more time in July to work hard and finish it. But there are still so many things to do.

Marcin, you are famous as a singer as well as an actor in your country. How do you manage to combine both jobs? Do you see your future career as a singer or as an actor?

As I said before I am working in musicals doing both singing and acting. Sometimes I even dance, which is funny. My mum told me when I was 16 years old “there is one thing which is 100% sure – you can't dance." Hehe, but six years later, when she came for the Opening Night of Boyband where I was a leader of boyband Sean, she said: “I’m so surprised! You were absolutely amazing. OK, sometimes a bit funny, but you can dance”. So, from time to time I also dance but I know that I love theatre. On the other hand singing makes me fly. It is very hard to choose something. That's why I’m doing both.

Who are your role models in the music world?

I’ve never had any special idols which I wanted to be like. But I am a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. When I was eight and a half years old I watched the Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time and every year afterwards I follow our Polish representatives. I dreamed about being a representative of Poland. And you know what? My dream came true. I'm going to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. Yeeeeees!!! expresses its sincere condolence regarding the plane crash in Smolensk. Due to the national mourning you had to postpone your song premiere. Can you share your feelings about the national tragedy?

Thank you very much. It was a horrible day. That’s all I can say. It will stay in our minds forever, but it is not a place and not a time to talk about it. So, I am sorry, I need to cut this topic.


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