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Marcin Mroziński "I am ready to do Eurovision again"

25 June 2012 at 00:12 CEST

Remembering Oslo

When speaking to, Marcin recalls his time in Oslo saying "It was one of the best moments in my life. I enjoyed every second of being a part of this big event. I am so happy to become a member of the huge Eurovision family! I met so many amazing people, a lot of them are my friends. It was so great to be there even though we didn’t qualify to the Final. We spent such a great time partying and supporting other countries. That’s what Eurovision is for! Spending fantastic moments with fantastic people. Share the moment was a theme of Eurovision 2010. I would say Keep sharing the moments everytime in your life!".

Poland withdrew from the 2012 competition, Marcin remarked "At first, I thought it was a joke that Poland wouldn't take part. But then I realized it’s the best we can do at the moment. We need to change lots of things. Our national broadcaster TVP needs to think about the contest more seriously. People in Poland need to change their opinions about Eurovision. We haven’t been successful since 1994 when Edyta Górniak took 2nd place and that’s why people don’t take it seriously. Only changes can make Eurovision be back to the top event in Poland."

Return to Eurovision?

Marcin remains interested in Europe's Favourite TV Show, he explains "I was watching this year’s Semi Finals and Final on and I really loved it. A lot of great songs, singers and my favorite won. Loreen was absolutely amazing. I loved her from the first listening. I am thinking about going to Sweden next year to enjoy Eurovision from the audience."

When asked about if he would consider trying again to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, Marcin said "Of course! It’s a must. If only Poles would chose me again, I am ready to do it. My song would be completely different than Legenda. More pop oriented, maybe up-tempo. With a catchy and simple melody. A great, big show with fireworks and good energy."

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Polish selection ideas

Marcin has his own ideas about how the profile of Europe's Favourite TV Show could be raised in Poland, and how he thinks the selection process should work. He adds "I would say it should be a big show like in Germany when they had Unser Star fur Oslo, choosing say 10 finalists. A winner gets 3-4 songs to sing, people and jury  for example30% televoting, 30% Polish jury, 30% international jury and 10% OGAE Poland members. They together could choose which one is the song for Poland 2013. TVP should find a sponsor to make a winner already a face of a sponsor. It would help to get the money for promo, and make that face familiar to everyone in Poland. But I guess it’s already too late for that as it should be ready to start from Autumn 2012. But who knows… maybe for 2014?

Euro 2012 fever in Poland

Marcin also told us about the atmosphere in Poland at the moment, given the fact that the Euro 2012 football competition is being co-hosted in Poland. He enthuses "Euro 2012 is amazing! I love the Fan Zone they made in Warsaw. I'm spending a lot of time there watching matches on huge screens with thousands of people from Europe screaming all together from happiness for the winners. I am so proud of my country to make a great European sporting event. I hope we did it right. I am sure if we ever had a chance to host Eurovision, it would be an amazing time for all. And  I promise to be the best city guide for all of you who would come to enjoy it. Poland is waiting for you!."

What's next for Marcin?

There have been new developments in Marcin's career, which he tells us about. "Now I am moving to Germany for 9 months. I got a musical contract in Hamburg. I am going there to earn money to finish my solo album. I’ve decided to do it all by myself, without any recording company. I want my album to be 100% mine. The premiere of the album is in September 2013. Thanks to Eurovision I met Milica Fajgelj from Serbia. She was working with me for my new song for Suncane Skale 2012. It’s a festival in Montenegro, which is very popular in Balkan countries. They are having an international contest for A Song of The Summer. She proposed me to take a part and we prepared a song called Is That A Real Love composed by Marcin Nierubiec who was the same composer as Legenda my Eurovision song, with lyrics by myself. So, cross your fingers for me on 3rd July 2012 in that one." would like to thank Milica Fajgelj for her help in organising this interview.