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Maraaya (Slovenia): Headphones evoke our emotions from studio

10 May 2015 at 16:00 CEST
Maraaya are Marjetka and Raay and they are representing Slovenia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. We met up with them in Ljubljana to catch up what's going on in their lives right for the contest and their trip to Austria. There are just a few days left till the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest madness starts, how does your day usually look like now? 

Maraaya: Every morning we start with each eating ten nuts. (Laughter). No, we get awaken by the crying of our two sons actually. Marjetka goes for an hour alone to nature for a walk to clear her head and of course we practice every day.

What is your song about and what makes it different than others?

Marjetka: The song is about friendship, I believe people can relate to the song. It holds a message about a true friendship when you can count on somebody, when you are down, when everything is falling apart, that you know, that somebody is there for you. That gives people hope. It is nice to know that somebody can count on you and that you can count on somebody.

Why do you have headphones on? Is that going to be something we'll see in Vienna too?

Marjetka: I use my headphones to evoke my emotions from the studio. When I am on the stage and performing with headphones I feel as if I am in the studio. That’s how I stay calm and it is easier to me to give people my true emotions. The headphones became our image on and off the stage, so of course you will see them in Vienna.

What is different in your life since you won EMA 2015? 

Marjetka: Nothing is really different. We are in the music business for many years, so we work 24/7 because music is not only our profession, but also our hobby.

Raay: We sleep a bit less and at this moment everything is dedicated to the Mission Eurovision.

Besides your entry for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest are there any other songs we might hear in Austria or even after the competition on the international music market?

We were lucky to sign last year with one of independent Italian labels, so our firs single Lovin’ Me was published in several European countries- Italy, Belgium, Sweden Poland, Germany… So we are gonna do the same in the future with the same amount of will-power.

If you would have to perform a duet with another contestant from this year, who would you like to share the stage with?

Marjetka: I would like to sing with the Israeli guy, I like his energy, his movement

Raay: I would like to be digitalized instead of that dwarf with the umbrella appearing during the performance of the Swedish entry. :)

Slovenia managed to qualify for the Grand Final last time, are you setting up higher goals? What are your hopes?

When so many millions people are watching you, it is great to see your own country in the Grand Final and this is the most important. But everything in the top three would be amazing though! :)

What do you think about Slovenian entry this year, share your opinion bellow!