Many close-ups of pretty Yohanna


Yohanna had won the Icelandic final for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest earlier in February and in her rehearsal today, it was obvious why the Icelandic people fell for her charm: the tender ballad was performed convincingly in the huge arena on this late Wednesday afternoon. There weren't any big changes compared to the first rehearsal, but the Icelandic delegation decided to reveal the clothes for the first Semi-Final next Tuesday: Yohanna's dress is an elegant creation in different shades of blue while the backing vocalists were wearing dark blue and grey. The movements on stage were minimal, but directed in a very efficient way. Lots of close-ups of Yohanna and the Icelandic team seemed to be very satisfied with the way the rehearsal went. They will also host a reception tomorrow night in their embassy where Yohanna will also perform. She has recorded several language versions of her competition song Is It True e.g. in Russian, German and Spanish, too. At her press-conference, Yohanna sang a part of her song in Russian to the delight of the present media and fans.

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