Manuela Brečko leaves Slovenia's Misija Evrovizija tonight

The task set for the hopefuls this evening was to sing one up tempo song, and one ballad. Of these songs, the jury would select one and the contestants themselves the other.

The order of appearance tonight was (Eliminated act in bold) :-

  • Nika Zorjan  
  • Nika & Eva Prusnik 
  • Manuela Brečko
  • Eva Boto

You can watch all of the performances here on the official website.

Host Maja Keuc performed her new song called You're A Tree And I'm A Balloon as part of the interval act whilst the votes were being cast. You can watch Maja's new song here

Juries decide

The first act confirmed as qualified to the next stage was Nika Zorjan, followed by Eva Boto. This meant that the last remaining place was to be taken by either Manuela Brečko or Nika & Eva Prusnik. After they both performed another song, it was down to a jury vote as to who would survive. The juries confirmed that by three votes to one they elected to save Nika & Eva Prusnik.

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With Manuela Brečko's elimination, three acts now remain, but there are only two places available for the final itself, entitled EMA 2012.

Next show dates

A special show will be held on New Years Eve, where the top eight contestants of Misija Evrovizija will sing Eurovision Song Contest and EMA festival songs.

The next elimination show, on January 8th 2012 will see the final three being whittled down to two finalists. The two lucky performers will then battle it out next year in the national final.

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