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maNga: 'This is a really cool festival'

27 April 2010 at 22:20 CEST


"This is a really cool festival, we have to be there!" maNga told us why they really want to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

"TRT wanted three songs from us and we chose this song together," the band explained how their song We Could Be The Same was picked to represent Turkey. "Most of the jury agreed with us." 

"We have a message to the world. We need peace, we need to come together," they added. 

They'll use their time from now till their performance in Oslo to mainly 'play, rehearse and play' and then more of the same. So far they've been to Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, but soon they're also going to Romania, Azerbaijan.

See the video below and find out even more and see them perform their entry live! You can also check out what they're up to in their MyEurovision profile.


maNga will finish the second Semi-Final in Oslo on the 27th of May. Last year Turkey finished fourth with Hadise's Düm Tek Tek.