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Manel Navarro to represent Spain in Kyiv!

12 February 2017 at 01:01 CET
Manel Navarro, the winner of Objetivo Eurovisión 2017 Raúl Tejedor (RTVE)
Minutes ago the Spanish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest, Objetivo Eurovisión 2017, finished in Madrid with the proclamation of Manel Navarro as the winner after a very tight voting which finished in a tie between two acts, Manel and Mirela. After the expert jury decided how to resolve the tie, Navarro will represent Spain in Kyiv on the 13th of May with the song Do It For Your Lover.

Objetivo Eurovisión, the Spanish national final for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest finished in Madrid with Manel Navarro as the winner with the song Do It For Your Lover. The show was hosted by Jaime Cantizano and guests in the show included last year's Spanish act, Barei, David Civera (Spain 2001) and Karina (Spain 1971).

You can watch the show again on the website of the Spanish broadcaster TVE. 

The participants

This is the running order in which the six participants performed: (winner in bold):

  1. Manel Navarro - Do It For Your LoverWritten by Manel Navarro.
  2. LeKlein - Ouch!! Written by David Ascanio, Vanesa Cortés, Albert Neve and Abel Ramos.
  3. Paula Rojo - Lo Que Nunca Fue (What it never was). Written by Paula Rojo and Álvaro Bárcena.
  4. Mario Jefferson - Spin My Head. Written by Chris Wahle.
  5. Maika Barbero - Momento Crítico (Critical Moment). Written by Rafael Artesero, Maika, Juan Huerta and José Juan Santana.
  6. Mirela - Contigo (With You). Written by Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Isaac Luke and Ander Pérez.

The winner was chosen by a mixture of expert jury and televote (50/50).

About the winner

Manel Navarro

Manel Navarro (20) participates with a pop song of his own, Do It For Your Lover. The young singer-songwriter from Sabadell, Barcelona, writes in English with acoustic and electronic arrangements, but always with his guitar. He started uploading covers on social media, and three years ago he excelled with his acoustic cover of Drake's Hold On, We're Going Home. He also got to record the first song of his own, Brand New Day, and more recently his single Candle with Sony Music, with which he's also released his Eurovision song penned by himself and Antonio Rayo ‘Rayito’.


The voting

The three members of the expert jury, all of them music radio and TV personalities, gave their votes first:

  • Xavi Martinez: 5 Mirela, 6 Maika, 7 LeKlein, 8 Paula Rojo, 10 Mario Jefferson, 12 Manel Navarro
  • Javier Cárdenas: 5 Mario Jefferson, 6 Paula Rojo, 7 LeKlein, 8 Maika, 10 Manel Navarro, 12 Mirela
  • Virginia Díaz: 5 Mirela, 6 Maika, 7 Paula Rojo, 8 LeKlein, 10 Mario Jefferson, 12 Manel Navarro

The ranking after the votes of the expert jury:

  1. Manel Navarro 34 points
  2. Mario Jefferson 25 points
  3. Mirela 22 points
  4. LeKlein 22 points
  5. Paula Rojo 21 points
  6. Maika 20 points

And the televote results:

  1. Mirela 36 points
  2. LeKlein 30 points
  3. Manel Navarro 24 points
  4. Maika 21 points
  5. Paula Rojo 18 points
  6. Mario Jefferson 15 points

The combined result:

  1. Manel Navarro 58 points
  2. Mirela 58 points
  3. LeKlein 52 points
  4. Maika 41 points
  5. Mario Jefferson 40 points
  6. Paula Rojo 39 points

As mentioned before, the expert jury was to decide in the event of a tie and they voted for Manel Navarro to go to Kyiv (In the tie-break Navarro got two votes, from Martínez and Díaz, while Mirela got one vote from Cárdenas).

Manel Navarro with Do It For Your Lover will represent Spain at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final in Kyiv on the 13th of May.