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Malta to select entry on February 12th

29 December 2010 at 21:24 CET

It has been revealed that a semi final show will be held on Friday 11th February where 24 songs will be whittled down to 16 in readiness for the final a day later.

This year broadcaster PBS received a total of 141 entries. 74 songs made it to the second phase which took place recently at the PBS television studios. Both local and foreign writers worked with local singers who submitted their songs for the Maltese selection.

As reported in a previous articel, the 74 songs will be narrowed down to 23 songs which will comprise the semi final). Last year’s winner of the L-Isfida show will be able to join the other artists to make the total 24. A mixture of a professional jury and public vote will select 16 finalists on Friday 11th February.

Malta's debut in Europe's Favourite TV Show came in 1971 and they participated in 1972 and 1975  before a long absence until they entered again in 1991. Since then they  have been ever present and have come close to winning, achieving second  place on two occasions, in 2002 with Ira Losco and 7th Wonder, and again in 2005 with Chiara's Angel.

Malta failed to qualify in Oslo in 2010, with Thea Garret's My Dream finishing in 12th place in the First Semi-Final.