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Malta: The island of sunshine and dreams

20 May 2010 at 19:57 CEST
Thea Garrett represented Malta in 2010 with the song 'My Dream' EBU

Malta was the last country to grace the stage in Oslo today with Thea Garrett performing her inspiring ballad, This Is My Dream. 

Similar to the first rehearsal, Thea is wearing a spectacular yet non-overbearing dress with a fabric shawl attached to her hands, giving the performance a bit of grandeur. This contrasts very well with her deep red hair colour. 

On stage she is joined by a dancer adorning a large pair of white wings made from a silk-like fabric. He dances gently behind her, appearing through the smoke-filled stage to give a very elegant atmosphere. The performance finished off with a display of pyrotechnics, which could give a good reaction in the hall on the 25th of May.

The Maltese artist director told that nothing had significantly changed from the first rehearsal, which indicates that the Maltese delegation are satisfied with the stage production of the song.


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"You haven't seen anything yet"

Thea Garrett entered the press conference hall with her team, including the angel. 

Second rehearsal was more relaxed and Thea said that they were getting more used to the stage. 

When asked about the performance on the 25th of May, Thea said that there could be a few surprises, and that she would be performing in a new dress, she designed herself - just like the one she wore in rehearsals. 

A question was asked about the Maltese version of her song This Is My Dream, which she then performed for the press and photographers in the room. 

There was an emotional moment when Thea was asked about her Grandmother. As part of her pre-show ritual, she looks at a picture of her Grandmother who unfortunately has passed away. The song is dedicated to her and Thea said, "she is with me all the time". 

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