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'Malta Eurovision Song Contest': What to expect at the final

02 February 2024 at 10:33 CET
The Busker from Malta in the Eurovision 2023 studio Corinne Cumming / EBU
All you need to know ahead of tuning in to 'Malta Eurovision Song Contest', as the nation gets ready to choose its entry for Malmö.

How To Watch: 'Malta Eurovision Song Contest' starts at 21:00 CET on Saturday 3 February. You can watch the whole show live via the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel

We'll be escaping to Valetta on Saturday night for a bit of warmth and a bit of wonder, as TVM brings us the final of Malta Eurovision Song Contest

The Maltese pre-selection for 2024 actually started in the autumn of 2023, with the country wasting no time in commencing the search for its ideal entry for Malmö.

Across 4 weeks throughout October and November, Maltese broadcaster TVM presented viewers of the TV show XOW with its 36 potential entries for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024. 9 songs were performed each week, with a jury and the Maltese public subsequently voting for their faves of the bunch. 

By the end of November, we had our 12 finalists. They were given some time to rest, recharge and record music videos for their songs. And now the time has arrived for them to compete one more time at the grand final of Malta Eurovision Song Contest; for that all-important win and that sought-after ticket north to Sweden in May.

Voting on Saturday night will be done via a mix of viewers and experts. The Maltese public will decide 50% of the vote, while an appointed jury's scores will make up the other 50%. 

Ahead of Malta Eurovision Song Contest, you can already listen to all of the 12 finalists and pick out which one you'll be getting behind on Saturday night. 

These are the songs that will be taking part on the night, in the order that they'll be performed in:

Janvil – Man

Haley Azzopardi – Tell Me That It’s Over

Erba’ – Sirena

Nathan – Ghost

Lisa Gauci – Breathe

Sarah Bonnici – Loop

Greta Tude – Topic (Bla Bla)

Miriana Conte – Venom

Ryan Hili – Karma

Gail Attard – Wild Card

Denise Mercieca – Mara

Matt Blxck – Banana

The winner of Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will follow in the footsteps of 2023's champs The Busker. The lovable trio represented Malta in Liverpool in May, with the irresistibly catchy Dance (Our Own Party).