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Malta sends Ira Losco to Stockholm

24 January 2016 at 00:39 CET
Ira Losco Winner of MESC 2015 Jonathan Brincat
Ira Losco has been selected as the Maltese entrant in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, and will carry the hopes of the small island nation. Ira saw off the challenge of 13 other songs in tonight's live final, broadcast from the Mediterranean Conference Centre.

The Final

The show was presented by actor and model Ben Camille. The winner of the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Destiny Chukunyere opened the final.  She performed a number of cover versions during the interval. While the finalists were waiting impatiently for the results, last year's representative, Amber together with her dance troupe Southville Dancers, entertained the crowd with her latest pop jazz songs from her upcoming debut album.

The fourteen finalists performed the songs in the following order. The running order was determined by the producers. The winner is highlighted in bold.

Tonight's Finalists

  1. All Around The World sung by Deborah C. 
  2. Little Love sung by Franklin. 
  3. Under The Sun sung by Daniel Testa. 
  4. Golden sung by Brooke. 
  5. Flashing Lights sung by Raquel. 
  6. Kingdom sung by Christabelle.
  7. Falling Glass sung by Corazón.
  8. Fire Burn sung by Dominic. 
  9. The Flame sung by Jessika.
  10. Alive sung by Jasmine. 
  11. You're Beautiful sung by Lawrence Gray.
  12. Young Love sung by Maxine
  13. Chameleon (Invincible) sung by Ira Losco. 
  14. Lighthouse sung by Kim.    

The Judging

The winner was determined by the votes of five judges and televoting made up a further sixth of the total vote. 

You can watch the whole show via our web player.

The song Chameleon (Invincible) is composed by Ira losco and Talkback, however the final song selection is still be to decided.

Ira Losco will represent Malta in one of the Semi-Finals of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest to be held on Tuesday the 10th of May and Thursday the 12th May.

About Ira Losco

It is the second time that Ira Losco will represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest, having previously represented the country in the 2002 edition when she finished in a highly respectable second place with the song 7th Wonder. She will be hoping to go one place better in Stockholm.

Performing in different countries around the world, with over 20 music awards under her belt, Ira Losco has been Malta’s leading female artist for the last decade, making her one of the most recognisable faces in her home territory.

Ira Losco has released four number 1 albums (including unplugged/remix editions), a string of chart topping singles and has won every conceivable award from ‘Image Icon’  ‘Best Artist’, ‘Best Album’ as well as the Prestigious Medal for her outstanding national and international achievement presented by the President of Malta.