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Malta's Firelight feeling at home

03 May 2014 at 14:32 CEST

Malta is the first country performing in the second Semi-Final on Thursday the 8th of May, and they were also the first to rehearse today in the B&W Hallerne stage in Copenhagen.

The band Firelight arrived early to the artist's lounge, to start preparing for the task, and get to the stage. Richard, Michelle, Wayne and Daniel, the siblings, are joined by Tony and Leslie all around their instruments.

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It seems clear now that they will perform in front of the beautiful country-side backdrop filled with poppy flowers, while the cubes on the back are being filled with selfies, from a competition held to appear on this Maltese performance for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Enjoying the experience as a family

"This rehearsal went better than the first just because it gets better and better. We're musicians so we're just trying to have fun on stage" were the first comments that Firelight made arriving at their press conference.

Then Wayne went on: "we''re really happy to be here. We're really enjoying the whole experience as a family. It's very important to enjoy the moment".

About the selfies being part of the backdrop and the meaning of the song: "it's up to the production to decide how many of the 208 selfies are being used. Coming Home can relate to a lot of things really. All of us in particular have been out of home for a while. I, for example, have been in the UK for three years, where I even took part in the X Factor", said Richard.

They performed a live acoustic version of their entry Coming Home. And also, to the request of some fans attending the press conference, they improvised the chorus of the Maltese entry in 2005, Angel by Chiara, which placed second.

They also talked about Gaia Cauchi, the winner of the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest: "She has a great voice and is a pleasure to perform with her. We just did it the week before coming here".

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Are they missing home whilst they are here in Eurovision? Michelle answered: "we've been playing music all our life, and our friends here are like family, as they've played with us for a long time, so yes I'm missing my husband and kids at home, and mum and dad, but we're here for the hard work experience, that we were also looking forward to".

Richard explained about his special instrument: the Appalachian dulcimer (or mountain dulcimer): "it has a very sweet sound, and the moment I listened to it I fell in love with it, so I wanted to use it to give its special sound to our music".

Below you can see them with the Austrian singer, while sporting "Knit for Tolerance" Conchita Wurst beards.