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Malta rehearses 'Tomorrow' today

11 May 2013 at 17:49 CEST
Gianluca represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 EBU

Gianluca seemed much more relaxed today prior to his second rehearsal, now that he has had the experience of being on the big stage before on Wednesday.

Any changes now are just cosmetic, for example a few camera moves her and there, and which camera Gianluca has to look at. He informed that he was really looking forward to rehearsing today, now that he has a better idea of everything.

Indeed, when he rehearsed on stage he came across extremely well, he was all smiles and encouraging what audience there was in the arena to join in, and they warmly applauded him at the end of his rehearsals.

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Visit to children's hospital

What does an artist do when they have days off from rehearsal? Well, when Gianluca is not singing, he is also a doctor, and yesterday he visited a children's hospital at Skane University in Lund 

The hospital provides paediatric intensive care for children from neonatal to adolescents from all over Sweden. The aim of the visit was to bring some joy to children who are seriously ill.  Hospital play therapy is an integral part of the treatment of children and adolescents. 

Gianluca.said that it is his role and responsibility to cure people and he wants to use the Eurovision Song Contest to provide an alternative care for these children.  He explained that the true meaning of this year's Eurovision slogan is to unite people through music, and why not use the Eurovision Song Contest to add an extra dose of smiles and to bring some happiness to the patients at SUS Hospital, after all a smile is the best medicine!

Family support

At the press conference which took place shortly after the second rehearsal, Gianluca was aked whether his sister, Dorothy, who is also a singer was jealous at all? "Not at all" said Gianluca "she encouraged me to enter the contest with Tomorrow, she is very happy, and she is also my vocal coach."

In fact Gianluca has four sisters and two brothers, and they will all be coming out to Malmö to support him in the contest, he jokingly compared them to the Von Trapp family.  Someone else who will be coming over to the contest is Glen Vella, who sung for the island nation in 2011.

Gianluca comes across as a very caring person, and somewhat shy, and therefore he can relate to Jeremy in the lyrics of the song Tomorrow.

As to whether Gianluca will concentrate on his a singing career or the medical profession in the future could well on how well he gets on in the contest. One thing is for sure, that he will have plenty of support, not only from his family, but also the patients he left behind in Malta, (who have sent him banners and postcards) and of course the audience in the arena who will be singing along to the lyrics on the projector screens.

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