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Malta: Launch of official video of 'Warrior'

09 March 2015 at 04:12 CET

Watch the video of 'Warrior'

About the video

The song Warrior is about dealing with the challenges we have to face in life and having the strength to overcome obstacles. The video is faithful to the lyrics and interprets the song by turning a negative mood into a positive attitude.  It presents Amber living her memories and shows how she comes out triumphant over the challenges she faced in her past.

Despite the fact that the video does not have a shooting script, the concept was to create an aspect of mystery, always bringing the past into the present.  It was made to visually complement the song whilst adding to its already powerful nature. The visual elements progress in a way that suits the song rather than in a chronological manner, and therefore leave Warrior centre stage.

A lot of care and attention was put into the rigging of the special effects.  Rigging had to be totally invisible to the viewer. Given the fact that items were being smashed, there was no capacity for retakes. One of those moments of tension was capturing in a single shot the letting go of the chandelier!

Amber was totally excited after viewing the finished video for the first time

 Working on the music video is definitely an unforgettable experience. The song is the star in the music video. The mystery and darkness represented in the environment are defeated by the will and the strength of the Warrior living inside me.

Malta will compete in the Second Semi-Final on Thursday  the 21st  of May.