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Malta: Kurt Calleja working hard on promo tour

07 March 2012 at 18:14 CET

Kurt Calleja took victory in the Maltese national final in a closely run contest with Claudia Faniello. He received maximum votes from the public televote in Malta, something which made him very proud.

From Baku to Sofia to Vilnius!

Only a week after winning in Malta, Kurt and his team accepted an invitation to the national selection in Azerbaijan, heading for the city in which he will compete in May in Europe's Favourite TV Show. During his time in Baku, he performed his entry at the national selection in a gala concert, and found time to take in some of the renowned Azeri cuisine and architecture.

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From Baku, Kurt headed to Bulgaria to perform in the main breakfast show, a variety show and of course the Bulgarian national final. He got to meet two more contestants who are also heading to Baku in May, namely Ivi Adamou from Cyprus and Soluna Samay of Denmark.  

Most recently, Kurt was in Vilnius, Lithuania where he made several appearances on local television, at a popular nightclub and again the national final to select Lithuania's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Kurt was reunited with French entrant Anggun, whom he had already met in Malta and the Lithuanian winner Donny Montell.

Kurt will perform This Is The Night in the first half of the Second Semi-Final of Europe's Favourite TV Show on Thursday 24th May in Baku.

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