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Malta considers which song Ira Losco will perform in Stockholm

19 February 2016 at 22:31 CET
Ira Losco TVM
In January, Ira Losco won the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and earned the right to represent her country in Stockholm. Although she won the competition that evening with the song Chameleon, Ira Losco could end up performing a different song in the contest in May.

The rules of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest allow for the possibility of a different song to be selected to represent the country, and that rule could come into force this year.

Since winning the contest is January, Ira Losco has been working hard to record a number of new songs, including a revised version of the song Chameleon.

As from tomorrow, an international jury, made up of representatives of ten countries, along with numerous local experts in Malta, will examine the shortlist of songs to come up with the best possible song and sound to go forward to the Eurovision Song Contest. A spokesperson for PBS has said that the final result will be announced at the end of this process.

Stay tuned to to find out which song Ira Losco will perform in Stockholm in the First Semi-Final which takes place on Tuesday the 10th of May.