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Malta chooses in February

01 October 2009 at 14:02 CEST

The first phase of the Maltese national selection, Eurosong 2010 is to be held between the 9th and 12th of November where 36 semi-finalists will be chosen. The songs can be sent in till the 30th of October and can be performed and written by only Maltese citizens, including dual citizenship. Singers can only perform one song, the song writers have no such limits. 

The second stage will be televised and will take place between the 25th of November and 30 of December. In this phase, a jury together with the televoters, who have two members in the seven-member jury, will choose twenty finalists. 

The final of Eurosong 2010 will be held next February. The winner is to be selected via a shared voted of a professional jury and the viewers. They both will have a 50% say in the result.

Malta achieved the 22nd place in the Final of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest this year with Chara's What If We.