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Emma Muscat
Emma Muscat
Photo:Β Albert Camilleri

Malta chooses – Emma Muscat will travel north to Italy in May πŸ‡²πŸ‡Ή

After a top 10 finish at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in 2021, Malta now has its successor to Destiny and 'Je Me Casse'. Emma Muscat is the artist that will represent Malta at Eurovision in May.

That ticket to Turin was secured via a win at Malta’s national final on Saturday night. Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2022 was the country’s succinctly titled pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

A semi-final on Thursday whittled the playing field down to a substantial 17-song grand final, which played out late into the evening on the island nation.

In the end, we could only have one winner from that packed starting line-up, and it was Emma Muscat who triumphed. And she was a clear winner, too, with Emma storming both the jury vote and the public vote.

Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest

Malta, one of the smallest countries in the Eurovision Song Contest, joined the competition in 1971. Under the previous rules of the contest, Malta was permitted to sing in English as it is one of the official languages of the country.

After Malta’s debut in the 1971, the country withdrew from the competition after 1975 but returned again in 1991 and has participated every year since.

Malta finished third behind the UK and Ireland in 1992 and again in 1998 despite nearly winning the entire competition in one of the closest voting sequences ever. Chiara represented Malta that year with the song The One That I Love. In 2002, Ira Losco finished second for Malta with the song 7th Wonder, a record equalled by Chiara when she returned with the song Angel in 2005.

There’s only 1 position that can improve on Malta’s record, and that’s to take the win… can Emma Muscat do it in 2022?

📺 Watch: Chiara – Angel (2005)

Let us know what you think of the Maltese winner via the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook channels.



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