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Malmö Arena in pictures

14 September 2012 at 12:56 CEST

After much deliberation, SVT, the organisers of next year's Eurovision Song Contest decided that Malmö should host the competition. The venue they decided upon was the Malmö Arena, conveniently located close to the city centre and the Öresund Bridge.

Take a look at our gallery below, showing off this great venue:

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Some Facts

We thought that it would be unfair just to provide you with pictures of the Malmö Arena, so take this opportunity to give you a few facts about the Arena where Europe's favourite TV show will kick off in May (courtesy of Malmö Arena):

  • Capacity: For concerts between 2,500 and 15,500 depending on stage design. Arena capacity for the Eurovision Song Contest has not yet been confirmed. 
  • Location: Hyllie, just outside Malmö, Sweden
  • Construction Start: 10th January, 2007
  • Architects: Mats Matson, Gert Wingårdh, Hannu Helkiö
  • Total area: 51,000 m2
  • Inner ceiling height: 22.5 metres
  • Boxes: 72
  • Fast Food Kiosks: 20
  • Toilets: 370
  • Transportation: Check out our article!

The 58th Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 14th, 16th and 18th of May and will be the 5th time Sweden has hosted the competition, having previously been held in Stockholm (1975), Gothenburg (1985), Malmö (1992) and Stockholm (2000).