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When in Malmö! Getting around the Host City

18 April 2024 at 11:27 CEST
Getting around the city of Malmö
Your handy guide to making your way through Malmö while you're in town for the Eurovision Song Contest.
Shining brightly outside Malmö Live in the run-up to May 2024 Malmö Stad

Whether you're wanting to get from the airport to the city centre, or from Malmö Arena to Euroclub, it's always best to read up on precisely what's possible before getting there. And with Malmö city, there's plenty that's possible. 

We're here to help you know your options, know your apps, and know your offers exclusive to Eurovision week!

For more information on what's going on around the city, head to our one-stop page detailing all of the events you can look forward to. 

For practical advice on how to move between them all, read on: 

Arriving in Malmö

If you're arriving by plane, it's likely you'll be landing in Copenhagen Airport, which is only a 30-minute train ride away from the city of Malmö. Copenhagen Airport is Scandinavia’s largest airport and transports over 21 million passengers every year. 

Once you land, you can buy a train ticket at the airport that will take you right over the Öresund bridge to Sweden. And not only can you get off at Malmö city centre, you can also stop at Hyllie Station, which is where Malmö Arena is!

As well as air travellers, many visitors will also be arriving in Malmö via the Öresund Bridge, having travelled by train from elsewhere in Europe. There are railway connections to the city from all over Europe. Travelling by train to Malmö typically takes around 4 to 5 hours from Stockholm, 5 to 6 hours from Hamburg and 13 hours from Paris, for example. And in 2024, we're looking forward to welcoming fans from over 80 countries!

Getting around Malmö

Once in the city, you can travel around by train or bus using Skånetrafiken, the region's public transport system. The Skånetrafiken app is the easiest way to travel on buses and trains throughout Malmö. You can buy all your tickets via the app (including your train ticket from Copenhagen Airport). Just remember to activate your ticket before getting onboard. 

You can also buy physical train tickets at the machines located in any of the stations around Malmö. But you must purchase before starting your train journey to avoid potential fines; purchasing onboard is not an option. 

If you wish to travel by bus without downloading the app, you can tap your card (or a digital card such as Apple Pay) when you board the bus. Cash payments are not accepted.

For train and bus schedules and timetables, you can always check either the app or the Skånetrafiken website.

Special offers for Eurovision week

Skånetrafiken are offering two different types of tickets that give you unlimited travel for Eurovision week. Both tickets are valid for 8 days, between Sunday 5 May and Sunday 11 May inclusive.

  • Eurovision Skåne: Unlimited travel by bus and train within Skåne (the wider region that Malmö is located in). Priced at SEK 350 (around €30).
  • Eurovision Skåne/Copenhagen: Unlimited travel to and from Copenhagen via the Öresund bridge train, as well as by bus and train within the whole of Skåne. Priced at SEK 700 (around €60).

The tickets can be bought from the Skånetrafiken app between 15 April and 12 May, under the heading 'specialbiljetter' (special tickets).

Anyone in Malmö who has been given event accreditation for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be able to travel free of charge on trains and buses inside the city limits.

Sustainability in focus

With the 68th Eurovision Song Contest being officially certified as a sustainable event, it's likely you'll want to get caught up in the city's great enthusiasm for a greener stay in Malmö.

The Host City for 2024 has long been striving towards sustainability, with Malmö offering an exceptionally high volume of bikes to rent all around the city. 

The city of Malmö

Malmö By Bike is a service which encourages you to explore and experience the city like its residents do - by bicycle! You can buy a ticket for one or three days, and you can access bikes across the city by either using the app, your card, or a pin code at machines. 

There are 99 bike stations all across the city. See you in those cycle lanes! 

The city of Malmö

You can listen to all 37 songs of Eurovision 2024 via your favourite streaming service or watch the music videos on our YouTube channel.

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden on Tuesday 7 May (First Semi-Final), Thursday 9 May (Second Semi-Final) and Saturday 11 May (Grand Final) 2024.

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