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Malena fell off her bed

16 April 2009 at 01:08 CEST

On Wednesday, the 42 participants of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest were officially presented to the media in Sweden. The opera singer Malena Ernman represents Sweden with the pop opera piece La Voix, and accordingly, the presentation was held at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm.

‘I love him’

Malena Ernman has herself watched all the entries. Now she can comment on the opposition in Moscow for the first time.

– There’s a lot of discofied folk music, where the participants start from their county’s own music and cast it in a pop shape. I often like the result, she says.

Among her special favourites, Malena particularly enjoyed the Armenian entry Jan Jan with Inga and Anush. Another favourite is Norway’s Alexander Rybak with Fairytale.

– I loved Armenia! I laughed so I fell off my bed at the hotel room. Then I watched again – and fell off again! And I love the Norwegian performer! I can’t say anything negative at all about that entry.

Ice Queen

Malena Ernman also feels that the Big Four – United Kingdom, France, Spain and Germany – have made greater efforts than usual.

– The UK really shows ambition this year. They have sent the youngest and cutest girl saying ‘it’s my time’, with a song by Andrew Lloyd Webber!

Malena also ventured to pick her own five favourites. The entries with the top points from the Swedish opera queen are Norway, Armenia, Estonia (‘I love instruments with strings – and people in Estonia can always sing, they have a strong tradition’), Ireland (‘girl power!’) and Iceland.

For her own stage show, it was informed that Malena will use a white dress and act as an Ice Queen in a show inspired by the world or Narnia. The five members of an all-female choir will take the part of surrounding dark spirits. The basic idea is that of contrasts.

– But I will still be there singing, Malena reassures. We found no one else long enough.

Malena will be taking the stage in the first Semi-Final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest on the 12th of May. Read more about her here.