Malcolm Lincoln to try again for Estonia?

In the morning show of the Estonian public broadcaster, ERR, Malcolm Lincolm, the band that represented the tiny country in 2010 at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Siren, showed up interest in competing again.

"It probably will be sort of a Siren 2 this time, probably. Maybe not that melancholic, wouldn't go there with something sad again," Robin Juhkental, the lead vocalist of the group said.

There have also been big changes in the band where all the members, besides Robin, have been exchanged. "Malcolm Lincoln is now much better than it has ever been," the singer commented.

They also have a plan to release a new album which will be recorded in the months to come.  It'll be released next spring. Until that time, do listen to Malcolm Lincoln's 2010 of Siren below!

Malcolm Lincoln did not qualify for the Grand Final in 2010, by finishing 14th in the first Semi-Final. Despite that, they've enjoyed immense success both in Estonia and abroad

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