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Maja Keuc (Slovenia) 2nd press conference

08 May 2011 at 15:19 CEST

She’s quite frank about the rehearsal: “We’re really tired from yesterday and it’s hard to sing this early,” she says, “but everything went well. We’ve made the steps in the choreography more exact.”

The Slovenian version of the song No One is about a woman in the life of the singer. Strangely however, there’s no mention of this woman in the English translation. “She’s back in Slovenia,” says lyricist Ursa Vlasic secretively. “It’s just to make things more interesting.”

What may appear to be a strange question, Maja is asked what her favourite ice cream flavour is. “Vanilla”, she says, alluding to the name of her song in Solvenian. “But I’m not singing about ice cream here,” she’s quick to add, “it’s about the scent. It’s the scent of the woman. The one that's back in Slovenia,” she jokes.

Background singer Martina has been something of a mentor to her, since she’d already participated in the Eurovision Song Contest before. “I tell her that she should concentrate on herself and her approach and not to think of the 500 million viewers.” Maja doesn’t have a problem with stage fright though: “I think it’s harder to sing before five than before 30,000 people. Here, I want to enjoy my singing.”

Currently, Maja reveals that she’s sleeping in her new shoes. Getting used to them in this way will help her avoid the embarrassing mistake of tripping on stage as she did in 'Slovenia’s Got Talent'. “But that was because the stage was wet,” she explains. Which will probably not be the case in Düsseldorf.