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Magical experience on stage for Serbia's Nina

01 May 2011 at 17:12 CEST

Not fazed by the big stage

Backstage, Nina chatted to before heading for the stage and her first rehearsal. A stage of this proportion and size is a new thing for Nina, but the huge arena in Düsseldorf doesn't intimidate her.

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 "I don't have any experience of this kind of performance. This is my first one, and I'm super-excited. I'm not scared, I can't wait to climb that stage and show people what I can do and how I can sing. It's important to keep that attitude."

Nina goes on to talk about how she prepares herself before going on stage and adds "We have a good energy in the team. Of course we rehearse every day with vocal coaches and choreographers, but the energy is the best way to make this right. I'm enjoying this. I like to sing, I like to dance, and I've liked that since I was a kid. I think that is the best means to control everything. Just think that it's going to be okay and have a positive attitude."

Nina's vocals were strong throughout rehearsals, she is joined on stage by three female backing vocalists. The song and ambience created both have a distinct retro feel to them. Pink spirals on a silver backdrop are the setting for the start of the song. The background then changes to something reminiscent of a colourful rainbow themed tunnel as the chorus is reached. It is visually very effective and fits with the feel of Čaroban. 

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Retro and colourful

When they met the press in their first press conference, the Serbian team announced that they were very happy with things so far in Düsseldorf, They said that they enjoyed the viewing room experience and were generally very satisfied.

Nina was asked whether when she saw Serbia win the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, if she ever expected to be four years later representing Serbia herself. She adds "I was dreaming about it, but no I never expected it.  YouTube was my big success story, I was singing my song from 2008, and the composer Kristina Kovač saw it on line and invited me to sing her song, and of course I accepted right away." 

The artistic director of the performance explained about the theme of the song. "The late 1960's smell is what we want to spray around on stage. It will be retro and very colourful"

Nina more comfortable singing in Serbian

Although Nina has big aspirations in her musical career going forward, she remains level headed and is committed to her studies.

Nina and her backing singers gave an acapella performance of the English version of Čaroban, and also of Duffy's worldwide smash Mercy. She added "It's a tradition in our country to sing in our own language, and I feel more comfortable performing in the Serbian language."

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About Nina

Nina's first public appearances as a vocal interpreter and later as a singer/songwriter are related to the Children’s Cultural Centre and competitions called Zlatna Sirena (Golden Mermaid) where she was a three-time first prize winner and once received a special reward. She also won several times the first prize for interpretation and composition at the Fedemus competition. Since 2003, she participated both in national and regional music festivals where she won several first prizes. In February 2010, she started a band called Legal Sex Department and has taken part in the Belgrade club scene more and more often as a lead singer.