Magdalena Tul (Poland) 2nd press conference

“The outfit is so heavy, it weighs six kilogrammes. I can't move as much as I can without it, but I will try, and I think it will be okay in the rehearsal. This is the first time I wear the costume. I didn't wear it first time around, I didn't want to get it dirty, since it's very white!" This is important because Magdalena confesses she doesn't have a backup.

She and her team didn't change much from the first rehearsal, only some lighting and camera work. She plans to leverage her experience in theater to use the stage to her best advantage.

 Even though she plans to go to parties in Düsseldorf, Magdalena will also take some time to herself to prepare for her big performance: “I need a little quietness and concentration - and I was praying last night!”

 Magdalena confided that choosing to appear first in the line-up has some strategy behind it: “I chose to be first because I thought it would be nice to be number one. We will be less nervous. And our song offers a great moment to start the show!”

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