Magdalena Tul (Poland) 1st press conference

Magdalena had both an English and Polish version prepared for this event, but in the end decided to sing in Polish. As she explained: "The song was originally written in Polish. We have an English version but the song in Polish has a very good sound...different lyrics and harmony.... so I thought it was a good idea. Everyone in Poland is looking forward to it."

Asked how she felt to be at the event, Magdalena answered: "Everything is very professional...this is a new moment for us... we changed a few things in the video room and we are looking forward to the live performance...My friends, who are vocalists, will also be dancing" for a total of four dancers that will be accompanying her.

And how does Magdalena feel about being the very first performer? "I don't know if being first is risky. I chose number 1 in the Polish selection process. Everyone told me it wasn't a good idea to start the show. But we are less nervous...I would like to be remembered as having done my best."

Magdalena is known for her signature high heels (about 10 cm) which she wears at every show.

Magdalena has experience in performing on television in her native Poland, which she believes is helpful to her in competing in this event, but she is trying to take a relaxed approach to the competition:

"I didn't listen too much to the other semi-finalists because I don't think it's good to compare or to see it like a competition as in sports. Everyone has a different rhythm and a different style." 

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