PrePartyES 2019
PrePartyES 2019 Photo: PrePartyES

22 Eurovision 2019 acts to perform at PrePartyES in Madrid

For the third year in a row, Madrid will be hosting their Eurovision Song Contest preparty again. Performing at PrePartyES 2019 are: Jonida Maliqi (Albania), Srbuk (Armenia), Eliot (Belgium), Roko (Croatia), Lake Malawi (Czech Republic), Leonora (Denmark), Victor Crone (Estonia), Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman (Finland), Oto Nemsadze (Georgia), S!sters (Germany), Katerine Duska (Greece), Hatari (Iceland), Kobi Marimi (Israel), Jurij Veklenko (Lithuania), Anna Odobescu (Moldova), D mol (Montenegro), KEiiNO (Norway), Tulia (Poland), Ester Peony (Romania), Serhat (San Marino), Miki (Spain) and Michael Rice (United Kingdom).

Also making an appearance in Madrid is the MyHeritage Eurovision bus. Catch it on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April at La Riviera next to the Manzanares river.

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